Our Needs

Urgent Need:  Funding Cubulco Hospital

Immediate Need:  $100,000


AMG has operated Cubulco Hospital for years, offering medical, dental and nutritional support to many without access to private or governmental health services.  Many have been deeply touched by this vital ministry and we pray every day that we can continue to help the many in need here in Guatemala.  The UN Human Development Index Report ranks Guatemala 116 out of roughly 150 countries.  Guatemala remains for many reasons a country with limited opportunity and access to the most basic of human needs!  Medical, dental and nutritional care remains out of reach for many in this desperate country.


At AMG we believe that there can be no permanent transformation in life without Christ.  For that reason our mission is to evangelize and disciple through all of the many programs and services we offer.  This has become increasingly unpalatable within the development community and finding donors is becoming increasingly difficult!  We are looking for like-minded Christians to partner with us in continuing to provide for those in need, while sharing the life-changing truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


We were notified last year that our medical ministries would no longer be supported financially by a donor that has funded us for many years.  As a result,  we are facing a significant budget shortfall. We have made significant strides over the last several years to become more and more self-sufficient, however, as our mission is based on the needs of the poorest of the poor, we will always rely to a certain extent on the gifts of those with resources who want to help.  Our budget gap this year is approximately $100,000 in operating costs and more, if proper investment were to be made in expanding our services and maintaining our equipment.


Not only does our medical work serve those in need… it also serves as a platform, as many have experienced, to expose many to missions work and provide opportunities to serve through our short-term missions programs.  Many doctors, nurses and others have participated with visiting teams and have had their lives touched in ways they never expected.


We are hoping and praying that those who have known and participated in our ministries here will accept this challenge and commit to providing for this ministry on a regular basis.  Are you interested in helping?  Could you make a monthly, annual or one-time gift to the ministry?  Click HERE to donate to the Guatemala Cubulco Hospital now!



AMG Youth Scholarships:


Guatemala has a very high rate of students who fail to continue their education beyond the 6th grade.   Only 37% of children in Guatemala City move on from primary grades (1-6) to Jr. High School.  That statistic drops to an alarming level of just 22% for the overall country (including rural areas).     After Grade 6, families often expect young people to work to support the family.  The cost of education (clothing, books and school supplies) is also a hindrance and public education is not even offered at Jr. & Sr. High levels in many areas of Guatemala.

 The failure to continue training and to prepare adequately for a profession severely limits a child’s ability to provide for themselves and their families, and to contribute positively to Guatemalan society.

 Continuing Together

 AMG´s “Continuing Together” Scholarship Program helps defray costs associated with continued schooling.  Education opens many doors of opportunity and our goal is to remove the barriers that exist in Guatemala.

 A donation to AMG Guatemala’s “Continuing Together” Scholarship Program is a wonderful way to contribute to the spiritual and educational needs of a child.  Children who are offered scholarships spend ½ the day in public school and then remain a part of our childcare centers the rest of the day.  In our centers, they are given spiritual counsel, bible education, food, clothing and school supplies.  They remain connected to AMG as they study in public school with help and encouragement from our teachers with their studies.


Scholarships are made available to students who have already been participants in AMG childcare programs as sponsored children.   The average cost of the program is just $20 per month and currently provides for the needs of nearly 1500 students!

Would you help us to help more students overcome the barriers to achieving a solid education?  Would you help us to continue to influence, disciple and encourage children in need?  Click HERE to donate to AMG Youth Scholorships now!


Child Protection:


Children throughout Guatemala are suffering unspeakable abuse (physical, sexual, trauma) and AMG wants to help.  We have established a Child Protection and Restoration department in Guatmeala and are assembling a team of professionals to be sure that children who are suffering get the help they need.  With a focus on prevention, protection, intervention and restoration we hope to see many lives changed for the better.  Would you help us to hire counselors, psychologists and others to work with suffering children?  Click HERE to donate to Guatemala Child Protection now!

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